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Financial Planning

What can OnTrack Wealth help you with?

Whether you want to get started and just dip your toes into “investing” or you are seeking a complete, holistic financial plan encompassing investments, superannuation/retirement, debt management, negative gearing, estate planning and so on, then we can help.

We can work with you to determine your risk profile and whether that is appropriate to achieve your goals and objectives.

For example you don’t want to be invested in highly volatile investments and be caught unaware when a GFC type event occurs.

On the other hand, if time is on your side and you can ride out market volatility, then placing all your funds in Term Deposits or Bonds may keep your capital intact, but may not give you the growth and outcomes needed.

A clear understanding of matching risk, time horizons, needs and objectives is so, so important.

At OnTrack Wealth, we will make sure you clearly understand these key elements before you commit yourself.

In the meantime, we urge you to read this article about Developing an Investment Plan, prepared by the Australian Securities and Investment Commission.

Margin Lending

Gearing involves risk - It can magnify your returns, however may also magnify your losses if the value of your investment decreases.

OnTrack Wealth are Margin Lending specialists.  We know what goes wrong and we know what works.

Did you know?

  • You can gain the advantages (and disadvantages) of margin lending, without exposure to a margin loan?
  • Yes – there is capital protected margin lending available (usually called protected equity loans)
  • Can’t borrow within super?  Then considered Geared Investment Funds.
We do wish to stress however that many people have suffered financial ruin when margin loans have gone sour.  If you don’t fully understand how margin loans work and the risks involved, don’t take out a margin loan.  And don’t borrow against your residence to double gear into a margin loan!!

On the other hand, a margin lending facility will allow you to invest more into the market and have enhanced growth and capital advantages, plus you should be able to claim the cost of servicing margin loans as a tax deduction.

Margin lending isn’t for everyone.  At OnTrack Wealth we will take the time to ensure your risk tolerance and investment time horizon is appropriate before recommending this strategy.  More importantly, we want to take the time to educate you, provide you with case studies (good and bad) before implementing this strategy.

Please also visit ASIC’s web page – Borrowing to Invest

Debt Management

Let us steer you on the path to overcoming you money worries!

Don’t believe that you will ever be able to afford a house?  Well budgeting, debt management, saving and investment can all come together, if you’re disciplined.

Let us talk about your budget and offer you suggestions and advice on:

  • Paying your bills on time
  • Getting Creditors off your back
  • Stop living week to week
  • A 12 months savings forecast
  • Getting started on that home deposit
Admittedly, a lot of this is just common sense and straight talking, when you are immeresed in the fog of debt, it is difficult to steer a clear path.  Sometimes, a talk with another person may be all you need.

In the meatime, look at this helpful link about managing your money on ASIC – Budgeting

Salary Sacrifice

Salary packaging or salary sacrificing reduces your taxable income and so reduces the amount of income tax you pay.

Salary sacrificing is an arrangement between you and your employer whereby you can pay for some items or services straight from your pre-tax salary.

You must enter into a salary sacrificing arrangement before you earn the income. It can never be retrospective.

But salary sacrifice alone is not your only choice. There are many tax-effective strategies available without locking your money away into superannuation until you retire.

Make an appointment with one of our Advisers at OnTrack Wealth to discuss all options available to you.

Estate Planning

What can we do?

  • What is Estate Planning?
  • Ensuring your wealth is dealt with according to your wishes
  • Understanding the importance of wills, enduring powers of attorney, testamentary trusts and guardianship arrangements Nomination of beneficiaries in your superannuation
With the increasing prevalence of blended families and the non-intended consequences of premature and/or unexpected death, it is important that you get your affairs in order.

Also, you may think that you have paid enough tax in your life, without your beneficiaries also copping this on your death. We will also discuss with you the implications of insurances inside and outside superannuation – each has their pros and cons when it comes to cashflow and taxes.

Do you know what a re-contribution strategy is for your superannuation and how this can lessen the tax liabilities of your adult beneficiaries – very important for baby-boomers leaving wealth to their non-dependant children?