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"Someone's sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

Warren Buffet

About Us

OnTrack Wealth is a financial services company based in Townsville, North Queensland servicing an area South to Bowen, North to Cairns and West to Mount Isa. OnTrack Wealth offers a full suite of financial services, encompassing comprehensive advice on Investments, Superannuation, Retirement, Risk Insurances, Debt Management and Salary Packaging. Our Financial Planner can come to you, with technology available to deliver financial services at your work place or home, any day of the week, including weekends.

Our aim is to work with you to develop a strategy that will get you on track, stay on track and keep on track to ensure that you achieve financial security and peace of mind now and into the future.

At OnTrack Wealth, we want you to have a clear understanding of the risks, options and various strategies available. We will work with you to deliver logical, knowledgeable and appropriate advices to ensure that you have a better understanding of the financial world.

OnTrack Wealth is an ethical team providing individual, small to medium business, and corporate clients tailored financial solutions and guidance to help them reach their financial goals.

If you’re new to OnTrack Wealth, or this is your first visit to our website, please check out our site to see where and how we can help you and your family reach a more secure future.

What We Stand For

At OnTrack Wealth we pride ourselves on having a deep industry knowledge and an ability to add real value for our clients.

We provide a personal, professional and efficient service and enjoy meeting you at your work place or home.  Our mobile technology allows us to deliver our advisory service anywhere, anytime.

At OnTrack Wealth we follow a simple 4 step Statement of Advice Process established by our Dealer Group, Synchron:

When it comes to managing your finances; knowing when, where and what to do can be quite daunting. Effectively managing your finances requires a sound knowledge of various strategies available and also the latest regulations. This is where a financial advisor can help.

A financial advisor is like having a personal coach for your money. Our aim is to help you both protect AND get the most out of your assets, so you can be on your way to the lifestyle that you desire – today and in the future.

Our financial advisors will take the time to find out your current circumstances and where you want to be so that we can help you make informed decisions on how to make the most of your money.

Our Process

A general outline of our process follows:
  • We can meet at your place or ours, after hours if needed – because we understand that it is difficult to meet and discuss personal matters during work hours
  • For starters, just an informal, no obligation “getting to know you” and getting to know us” meeting
  • Next meeting – If you decide to proceed further, then it Is important that we get to know you in depth. A simple Fact Find (or Client Questionnaire) can be completed during our meeting (s) – or you can try and complete this beforehand yourself. Click Here to download a copy of this questionnaire.
  • During this meeting (s) we will determine your Risk Profile and make sure you clearly understand the implications this has on our advice to you. For example, if you have a high risk tolerance, or a low risk tolerance, then either may result in poor financial outcomes. We will not issue advices until we all agree on your tolerance to investment risk.
  • If you are seeking insurance advices, then we will ensure that adequate cover is quoted to meet your needs. You may not be able to afford this, so further meetings/discussions will be required
  • After this meeting (s) – and you can have as many meetings as you like – a fair bit of research is required by us. To do this we need to ask you a lot of questions – not all are on the Fact Find form.
  • We will need financial records, like superannuation statements, bank accounts, tax returns, insurance policy renewal notices, a personal budget and more. Click Here to download a checklist of data. Not all will be required – we will let you know what to provide during our “getting to know you” meeting.
  • Your Privacy is important to us. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.
  • Research, research, research, quotes, quotes and quotes. We will research your existing investments, superannuation and insurances. We will undertake investigations into suitable financial products and recommendations. Alternative strategies will be provided.
  • A Statement of Advice (SoA) will then be completed, presented and explained.
  • This SoA will set out our recommendations, alternative strategies, our costs and will include Product Disclosure Statements for recommended investments/insurances/superannuation
  • Take your time – you are making an important step along the path to a secure future. Read and understand. Ask questions.
  • If you are accepting our insurance recommendations, we urge you to view this short video on your Duty of Disclosure. Click Here to view.
  • If you decide to proceed with our recommendations, complete the Authority to Proceed within the SoA and any other documentation provided. We will ensure you understand what you are signing.
  • Do not cancel any insurances until the replacement policy (ies) are in force. We will confirm this.
  • Review your insurances/investments/strategy regularly. We will talk to you anytime. If you want monthly reviews, then so be it. We love email/SMS – so if something occurs to you in the middle of the night, just email or text us and we will respond within 24 hours (often quicker).

Why You Need A Financial Advisor

    • Do you need help tracking your monthly finances?
    • You’re 52 and your goal is to have $FILL IN AMOUNT REQUIRED in retirement savings by age 65. Are you On Track?
    • Should you make additional superannuation contributions by way of Salary Sacrifice?
    • You hear that shares (or Equities, or Stocks) are the best investment for the long term, but the market looks risky to you. Should you consult a financial planner?
    • You have a crazy dream. Maybe you want to retire early and volunteer to do work overseas … or travel …. or start a hobby farm ….. or a B&B. The numbers don’t seem to add up, but you’re determined to find a way.
    • You’ve lost faith in your investments and want to move your money into real estate, or bonds, or the bank.
    • How much money do I need in retirement? You’re in your 20’s, just getting started in life and only have $200 pm left over. Can I become an investor?
    • You’re in your mid 30’s, have a mortgage, paying off the car, want to put your kids in private school. How do you protect your family and provide for all the things you want out of life, now and into the future?
    • How can you protect your income should you become unable to work due to health or an accident?

  • OnTrack Wealth has a Financial Advisor who can help you get started or will advise you of what is required to get and stay On Track.

    Don’t be embarrassed in asking – there are no embarrassing questions. We can answer any question you ask – if we don’t know, we will find out for you.

    We have experience advising on a range of matters, including:

    • Financial management from basic budgeting to complex portfolios.
    • Investment strategies, including recommending investment categories and specific products.
    • Negative Gearing Strategies to provide tax-effective investing</li
    • Standard Margin Loans
    • Geared Investment Products which exclude the need and added risk of margin lending
    • Superannuation strategies to help you accumulate enough money to retire with the lifestyle you’d like and strategies to help you minimise the tax you pay right now.
    • Retirement planning for those retiring soon or many years from now – the sooner you start planning the better.
    • How to use a redundancy payout most effectively, including how to make it last as long as possible.
    • Insurance to make sure you adequately protect what you’ve achieved so far, whether that’s a property, assets or your income.

Our Services

Financial Planning

Financial Planning

Whether you're just curious and looking for an entry into "investing" or you are seeking a complete, holistic financial plan, we can help.
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Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Have you been researching those articles which tell you how much you need to live comfortably in retirement? What is a comfortable lifestyle in retirement?
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It's your money!! You may not be able to access it until you retire but you can still take control of it with the right advice and correct investing techniques.
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You may not be able to prevent the unexepected from happening but we can sometimes get some protection. Insurance is meant to safeguard us, at the least financially. It can be difficult to determine what insurance you really need though.


Income Protection

Whether you’re just curious and looking for an entry into “investing” or you are seeking a complete, holistic financial plan,  we can help.


Life and TDP

Did you know, 60% of Australian families with dependants will run out of money within 12 months if the main income earner dies1? Also, one in three Australians could be disabled for more than three months before turning 65

Child's Trauma

What happens if you need to take time off to care for a child suffering a traumatic event. Very cost effective insurances are available on your child’s life.


Business Owner

You may have Income Protection Insurance in place to protect your income. But how will you pay your business’ expenses if you are unable to work and run your business?

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