Why You Need A Financial Advisor

What can OnTrack Wealth help you with?

  • Do you need help tracking your monthly finances?
  • You’re 52 and your goal is to have $FILL IN AMOUNT REQUIRED in retirement savings by age 65.  Are you On Track?
  • Should you make additional superannuation contributions by way of Salary Sacrifice?
  • You hear that shares (or Equities, or Stocks) are the best investment for the long term, but the market looks risky to you.  Should you consult a financial planner?
  • You have a crazy dream.  Maybe you want to retire early and volunteer to do work overseas … or travel …. or start a hobby farm ….. or a B&B.  The numbers don’t seem to add up, but you’re determined to find a way.
  • You’ve lost faith in your investments and want to move your money into real estate, or bonds, or the bank.
  • How much money do I need in retirement?
  • You’re in your 20’s, just getting started in life and only have $200 pm left over.  Can I become an investor?
  • You’re in your mid 30’s, have a mortgage, paying off the car, want to put your kids in private school.  How do you protect your family and provide for all the things you want out of life, now and into the future?
  • How can you protect your income should you become unable to work due to health or an accident?

OnTrack Wealth has a Financial Advisor who can help you get started or will advise you of what is required to get and stay On Track.

Don’t be embarrassed in asking – there are no embarrassing questions.  We can answer any question you ask – if we don’t know, we will find out for you.

We have experience advising on a range of matters, including:

  • Financial management from basic budgeting to complex portfolios.
  • Investment strategies, including recommending investment categories and specific products.
  • Negative Gearing Strategies to provide tax-effective investing
  • Standard Margin Loans
  • Geared Investment Products which exclude the need and added risk of margin lending
  • Superannuation strategies to help you accumulate enough money to retire with the lifestyle you’d like and strategies to help you minimise the tax you pay right now.
  • Retirement planning for those retiring soon or many years from now – the sooner you start planning the better.
  • How to use a redundancy payout most effectively, including how to make it last as long as possible.
  • Insurance to make sure you adequately protect what you’ve achieved so far, whether that’s a property, assets or your income.