Estate Planning

Estate Planning

What can we do?

What is Estate Planning?
Ensuring your wealth is dealt with according to your wishes.
Understanding the importance of wills, enduring powers of attorney, testamentary trusts and guardianship arrangements.
Nomination of beneficiaries in your superannuation

With the increasing prevalence of blended families and the non-intended consequences of premature and/or unexpected death, it is important that you get your affairs in order.

Also, you may think that you have paid enough tax in your life, without your beneficiaries also copping this on your death.  We will also discuss with you the implications of insurances inside and outside superannuation – each has their pros and cons when it comes to cashflow and taxes.

Do you know what a re-contribution strategy is for your superannuation and how this can lessen the tax liabilities of your adult beneficiaries – very important for baby-boomers leaving wealth to their non-dependant children?