Debt Management, Consolidation and Budgeting

Debt Management, Consolidation and Budgeting

With over 25 years in retail banking, commercial banking, home lending and over 15 years in financial advice, at OnTrack Wealth we believe that we can steer you on the path to overcoming your money worries.

Don’t believe that you will ever be able to afford a house?  Well budgeting, debt management, saving and investment can all come together, if you’re disciplined.

Let us talk about your budget and offer you suggestions and advice on:

  • Paying your bills on time
  • Getting Creditors off your back
  • Stop living week to week
  • A 12 months savings forecast
  • Getting started on that home deposit

Admittedly, a lot of this is just common sense and straight talking, but often times, when you are immersed in the fog of debt, it is difficult to steer a clear path.  Sometimes, a talk with another person may be all you need.

In the meantime. Look at this helpful link at ASIC:

Managing Your Money – Budgeting